Ajman: GMU Faculty of Pharmacy Establishes Department of Clinical Pharmacy at Thumbay University Hospital

Press release

Ajman, August 4: Millions of people around the world are affected by adverse drug events. Medicines are powerful agents programmed to solve health problems, but if not used correctly, they cause damage or even death. Gulf Medical University Academic Health System shares its wealth of knowledge about medications in patient care at Thumbay University Hospital. With an experienced team of clinical pharmacy preceptors and professors, GMU College of Pharmacy operates the Department of Clinical Pharmacy at Thumbay University Hospital to ensure rational use of medications.

Pharmacists have a long history of drug discovery and manufacturing. Clinical pharmacy is a relatively new area of ​​practice for pharmacists. Pharmacists work with doctors and nurses to provide direct patient care within the framework of rational drug use. With clinical expertise, pharmacists recommend and modify the right medications for inpatients and outpatients.

Five college preceptors who were practicing as clinical pharmacists at Thumbay Hospital in Ajman are transferred to Thumbay University Hospital. Licensed faculty join the team to provide clinical pharmacy services. Three new professors join the college from the United States, Australia and the United Arab Emirates to strengthen the clinical pharmacy team.

The following services are offered by the Department of Clinical Pharmacy:

Counsel patients on the appropriate use of medications, achieve the best treatment outcomes, and prevent adverse drug events.

Work as an integral part of the hospital clinical team to ensure high quality medication management with safe, effective and affordable care.

This academic healthcare system offers Gulf Medical University pharmacy students unique opportunities to train in their 350-bed on-campus hospital under the supervision of their preceptors and faculty. Quality clinical pharmacy education at GMU develops the next generation of smarter pharmacy staff with clinical skills.

GMU College of Pharmacy launched its Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program in 2008 and graduates are successfully working in many countries in the UAE, America, Europe, MENA region and other places. The brilliant graduates are hired by the College, Thumbay hospitals and pharmacies. Gulf Medical University’s Academic Health System with Thumbay Hospitals and Pharmacies is the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates.

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