Burnley Community Pharmacy Makes Vax Milestone


The number of people vaccinated at the Burnley center has exceeded 12,900. This is more than double the figures at the end of May, when the number of bookings reached 5,000.

As the vaccination program continues, it is reassuring to see rates steadily increasing. Despite this, Burnley remains above the national average (296.1) for Covid case rates at 302.5 in the seven days leading up to August 6.

In addition, mask wear should continue in most places, especially in healthcare facilities. All of this points to signs that we are not out of the woods just yet, and the vital importance of continuing to follow lockdown rules and get vaccinated.

Brunshaw Pharmacy in Burnley Makes Milestone

The Brunshaw vaccination center is managed by a small number of staff from the Stoneyholme Community Center. The site is staffed with generous staff and volunteers who work hard to keep the whole operation running smoothly.

Brunshaw Pharmacy Director Nurul Islam said: “I want to thank everyone who volunteered and supported the vaccination clinic – it was a real team effort and a great success. All of our meeting slots were quickly filled and the response from those in attendance was very humbling.

Anyone eligible for a Covid-19 vaccination but not yet having received one is invited to book through the national reservation service (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/ book- coronavirus-v accination) or by calling 119.


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