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Cempa Community Care unveils a new community pharmacy

Cempa Community Care cut the ribbon for its brand new community pharmacy on Wednesday. Located at 1000 E. 3rd St. in Chattanooga, the Cempa Pharmacy is open to the general public and will be easily accessible to existing Cempa customers. “Over the past few years, the Cempa team has continually sought ways to expand our […]

Sunderland has its first community pharmacy offering a vaccine against the virus after the launch of the Echo campaign

Redhouse Pharmacy on Renfrew Road is now providing the service and has set up two special units where vaccines will be administered. It is the first community pharmacy vaccination center in Sunderland and, at present, the only one – although it is hoped that more community pharmacies will join in the future. Register now to […]

Community pharmacy can play ‘key clinical role’ in vaccine deployment – BMJ

Study notes that community pharmacists are a “highly skilled” and trustworthy workforce in the fight against Covid-19 Darragh O’Loughlin, UIP Community pharmacy has a “key clinical role” to play in future Covid-19 vaccination programs, according to research published in BMJ Open. The PERISCOPE study – led by Aston University in Birmingham, UK and conducted in […]

Purdue University Invests in the Future of Community Pharmacy

As one of the first colleges of pharmacy to sponsor a Flip the Pharmacy team, Purdue University is committed to transforming the practice of community pharmacy in the state of Indiana. The professors at Purdue University don’t just speak out to promote community pharmacy, they walk too. They are committed to transforming the practice of […]

PRSB expands information standard on community pharmacies

The community pharmacy information standard has been expanded so that community pharmacists and general practitioners can better support integrated care. The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) has expanded its standard of information on community pharmacies in line with the expanded role of community pharmacists that has taken place in recent years. NHS England and NHS […]

Community pharmacy evolves to provide direct patient care

Collaboration with academic centers extends clinical services to help support health care goals. The community pharmacy is often the first place patients, residents and even future students of the profession meet a pharmacist. Pharmacists play a key role in communities across the country. More than 62,000 community pharmacies are the gateway to the profession.1 Almost […]

Over 90% of patients with lung disease say community pharmacy services are essential, survey finds

A Taskforce for Lung Health survey found that 95% of people living with lung disease in England who use community pharmacies saw pharmacy services as valuable, essential or something they “couldn’t live without”. The task force, a coalition of organizations including the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), Asthma UK and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, interviewed 2,100 […]

PQA and CPF Announce 2021 Community Pharmacy Quality Innovation Awards

The awards recognize an individual and community pharmacy for its innovative and pioneering practices. The Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) and the Community Pharmacy Foundation (CPF) today announced the recipients of the 2021 Community Pharmacy Quality Innovation Awards (CPIQ). The awards honor an individual and a community pharmacy, whose innovative practices have improved the quality of […]

Welsh Conservative Party makes new campaign pledge for community pharmacy contract

The Welsh Conservative Party has pledged to expand the role of community pharmacies in a new contract as part of its campaign manifesto. The commitment comes as Community Pharmacy Wales (CPW) continues to negotiate a new contractual framework with the Welsh government. The Conservative Party’s manifesto, which was released ahead of the Senedd election on […]

Flagler Health Department and Grace Community Pharmacy Team Up for More Personal Vaccination Campaign

Organized shelves, soft lighting, plant life and a cozy atmosphere are some of the few things that make Grace Community Pharmacy distinctive, like this: While Publix, Winn-Dixie, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart vaccinated for months, Grace was chosen by Flagler County Health Department will be the first community pharmacy vaccination site. She launched her Covid-19 vaccination […]