Cempa Community Care unveils a new community pharmacy


Cempa Community Care cut the ribbon for its brand new community pharmacy on Wednesday. Located at 1000 E. 3rd St. in Chattanooga, the Cempa Pharmacy is open to the general public and will be easily accessible to existing Cempa customers.

“Over the past few years, the Cempa team has continually sought ways to expand our service offering so that we can be a healthcare provider who meets as many needs as possible for our patients. The new Cempa Pharmacy is a testament to this proactive, patient-centric spirit, ”said Shannon Stephenson, CEO of Cempa.

“I am honored to lead such an incredible organization and I am continually inspired by the selfless efforts of this team to be a champion of the historically underserved and marginalized communities in our region. I know this pharmacy will lead to healthier results for Chattanoogans.

Patrick Durham is the head of the new Cempa pharmacy. Mr. Durham brings with him over 12 years of chain pharmacy experience. He is originally from South Pittsburg and graduated from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. Mr. Durham received his PharmD from Mercer University.

“Historically, most of our patients’ prescriptions were sent to a mail order pharmacy and then delivered to their homes. They may have spoken to a pharmacist on the phone, but they have never met in person, ”said Mr. Durham. “So I’m very excited to develop relationships with all of the new patients here. It is truly rewarding to help a patient achieve better results, and I have no doubts that our new pharmacy will allow Cempa to continue to build on these positive results.

Although the pharmacy caters primarily to Cempa customers, it is a full-service pharmacy open to all members of the community. Cempa accepts almost all major insurances (Medicare, TennCare, and most commercial plans) and is able to transfer a patient’s prescriptions from their existing pharmacy.


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