Closure of the Lakeview Community Pharmacy | Letters to the Editor

In the coming months, residents of Stillwater will lose Stillwater’s only independent pharmacy. The Lakeview Community Pharmacy is located within the Stillwater Medical Group clinic. The last day of operation is January 20, 2020. No one imagined the community pharmacy would close when Lakeview Health System joined HealthPartners in 2011.

Lakeview Community Pharmacy was established over 13 years ago in June 2006. The Pharmacy Manager has worked at the pharmacy since the beginning. Pharmacy staff served the patients and clients of Stillwater Medical Group Clinic and the surrounding community with compassion and dedication. The clinic’s health care providers appreciate the continuity of care offered by the pharmacy.

The pharmacy offers competitive prices; prescriptions are sent free of charge. Delivery is free to senior care facilities in the Stillwater area. The staff dispenses prescriptions to patients who cannot come to the pharmacy. The pharmacy has access to clinic staff and patient medical records who provide accurate and timely service.

The pharmacy is an integral part of Lakeview’s Prescription Patient Assistance Program, which is used to help low-income patients pay for their medications. Thousands of dollars have been raised for the program through the sale of donated items.

The decision to close the Lakeview Community Pharmacy is detrimental to the residents of Stillwater and the surrounding community. After January 20, 2020, the remaining pharmacies in Stillwater will be CVS, Cub, Walmart and Walgreens. Many people have moved from the “big box pharmacies” to the Lakeview Community Pharmacy because they appreciate the convenience and service the pharmacy provides. Staff greet many patients by name. Customers value “local service”.

Since the announcement of the pharmacy’s closure, people have been wondering, “Where am I going to go?” I don’t want to go anywhere but here.

I encourage Stillwater residents to speak out about the pharmacy closing. Please call, write or email Lakeview Hospital administrators, Mayor Ted Kozlowski and members of your local council. Tell them we don’t want our independent pharmacy in Stillwater to close. The Lakeview Community Pharmacy will be missed.

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