Community pharmacy to integrate its NHS model

Now is the best time for the community pharmacy to integrate its NHS advocacy and support model to ensure better outcomes for entrepreneurs, said James Wood, director of entrepreneur support and LPC, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC).

It is important for the sector to adapt to the new landscape and address challenges such as workforce, digital data, pharmacy service integration and drug optimization, he said. said at the first session of the Sixth Annual Pharmaceutical Business Conference held online on Tuesday September. 21.

Under the new system, every part of England will be covered by Integrated Systems of Care (ICS) from April 2022. The ICS were created to bring about big changes in the way health services and care in England is planned, paid for and delivered. They are a key part of the direction of travel for the NHS, as outlined in the NHS long term plan.

By 2023, they will bring together NHS service providers and commissioners to plan health and care services to meet the needs of the local population in a geographic area.

“As a sector, we must be prepared to deal with these changes at the local and national level. We have to get our house back in order as an area to meet these needs, ”said Wood.

To pursue the goal of integration, the Pharmacy Review Steering Group (RSG) strives to work collaboratively and inclusively with all stakeholders and to formulate proposals for the future.

“We are trying to set up a community pharmacy representation advisory system that can meet these needs. It can help define the direction of community pharmacy with a national and local vision, ”said Wood, who is also secretary of the RSG.

This will improve the sector’s collaboration, cohesion and negotiation with the NHS at national and local levels, he added.

In addition, entrepreneurs will benefit from better and more consistent support to deliver innovative services and high-value patient care under the NHS.

“The RSG will continue to try to build consensus and, after hearing from all parts of the industry, come up with solutions to address some of these issues and meet the needs of the NHS in the future and help entrepreneurs get the most out of them. taken advantage of these opportunities, ”he added.

The group will also reflect on updating the roles of national and local organizations in the context of ICS and the future NHS landscape.

The community pharmacy will need to look at its overall structure and operating model, including the LPC (Local Pharmaceutical Committee) network and the national PSNC body to reflect on how these are handled at the PCN and ICS levels. “said Wood.

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