Community pharmacy workplace, wellness: 3 recent report notes

A report detailing strategies to improve workplace and employee well-being in community pharmacies was recently published by the American Pharmacists Association.

The report is based on the results of discussions among 46 participants of the association’s Community Pharmacy Workplace Summit in late February. Participants included pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, employers and other stakeholders.

Three report notes:

1. Short-term problems to solve: Participants described key factors affecting workplace and community pharmacy well-being that should be addressed in the short term, that is, within the next six months. The short-term factors the report recommends addressing in order of priority are workload; patient safety; corporate policies affecting staffing levels; patient/consumer harassment and demands; payment policies; unreasonable measures and quotas; resources available; and communication between pharmacy teams and management.

2. Long-term issues to address: These are factors the report recommends addressing over the next three years, in order of priority: payment policies; Regulations of the Pharmacy Council; unreasonable measures and quotas; patient safety; workload; corporate policies affecting staffing levels; and administrative costs.

3. Improve the well-being of employees in community pharmacies: Participants described a range of approaches to improving well-being, such as providing pharmacy technicians with a living wage and recognition as valuable team members; promote the autonomy and professional judgment of pharmacists; provide breaks and other necessary uninterrupted moments; and encouraging company management to spend time in pharmacies to learn about what pharmacy teams are dealing with.

To view the full report, click here.

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