COVID-19 vaccine delivery will require as many community pharmacy vaccinators as possible


NHS England braces for the enormous task of providing COVID-19 vaccines, including through community pharmacies

Delivering a COVID-19 vaccine to the public will require the participation of “as many vaccine-trained workers as possible” from the community pharmacy, an NHS England official said.

Jill Loader, deputy director of pharmacy commissioning at NHS England and NHS Improvement, said there were ‘a number of different ways the community pharmacy can get involved’ in the vaccine delivery program COVID-19, some community pharmacies to be ordered as vaccination. site through locally improved service.

Speaking during a webinar for community pharmacists and general practitioners on November 18, 2020, Loader said pharmacists could participate through “mass vaccination sites or trusted sites, or the PCN [primary care network] sites that will provide these [vaccines], because they will have to vaccinate for long hours ”.

“We anticipate that we will need to use as much of the vaccine-trained workforce as possible,” she said.

His comments follow a letter sent by NHS England to GP surgeries on November 9, 2020, asking NCPs to each designate a general practice site, from which at least 975 COVID-19 vaccines could be delivered each week.

The letter said designated sites should be able to provide an immunization service seven days a week, including holidays, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

However, Loader noted that “there might be areas where we don’t have the provision we need and when we look at that provision we might be looking to bridge some of that with community pharmacy providers.”

In addition, these pharmacies should meet the same requirements as general practitioner sites, for example have sufficient refrigerator capacity between two and eight degrees Celsius to administer 975 vaccines per week.

Pharmacies would also need sufficient space and skilled manpower to prepare the vaccine, which could include dilution, using standard aseptic technique and preparation of multidose vials in all cases.

Loader said NHS England does not “anticipate that most community pharmacy contractors will get involved in [delivering COVID-19 vaccines], although there may be ”.

For pharmacies chosen as vaccination sites, a slide accompanying the webinar stated that NHS England “would also order an LES [local enhanced service] a small number of community pharmacies ”.

Another slide states that funding arrangements similar to those established for general practice “should be in place for community pharmacy providers”.

Under current arrangements for GPs, providers will be paid £ 12.58 per dose of vaccine. If the vaccine requires more than one dose, the provider will be paid after the last dose is given.

Providers will also receive free diluents for the vaccine, dilution syringes, combination needles and syringes for administration.

Ed Waller, director of primary care at NHS England and Improvement said he planned to release a service specification for general practice “shortly”, adding that this would then be followed by “something very similar for community pharmacy “.

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