England’s new Chief Pharmaceutical Officer praises work of community pharmacy

The newly appointed Chief Pharmaceutical Officer (CPhO) for England, David Webb, gave an opening speech in person at the LPC and PSNC National Meeting on Thursday 17th May 2022. As the new Chief Pharmaceutical Professions , he defined his personal priorities. for the next years.

At the start of his speech, David thanked the community pharmacy teams for their work throughout the pandemic to support their local communities and spoke of the many achievements so far. He said he intended to be the CPhO “for all members of both pharmacy professions, in all parts of the NHS”.

“Community pharmacy colleagues have made it clear that you are part of the NHS team and delivered as a sector, and that has further boosted your credibility in terms of how we continue to integrate pharmacy into the NHS and care pathways,” the CPhO said. .

David then gave an overview of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and described the support that will be available for community pharmacy in an ICS. He also gave some details about

the role and responsibilities of the new SCI Community Pharmacy Clinical Leads, whose role will be to:

  • Support the integration of community pharmacy clinical services into CNSs as part of recognized NHS pathways;
  • help community pharmacies collaborate effectively with primary care networks (RCPs); and
  • drive mobilization within local systems to support scale-up and integration of new clinical services that are being developed through Pharmacy Opportunities Fund (PhIF) pilot projects and then into commissioned services by the contractual framework of the community pharmacy (CPCF).

“The next few years are crucial for the profession and we need to ensure that the right close working relationships are in place at national, system and local level if we are to achieve all of our ambitions,” he said. he declares.

David’s speech was well received by DFC who attended the meeting who said it was great to hear directly from CPhO about their positive plans for the future of the sector.

James Wood, PSNC’s Director of LPC Contractor and Support also commented:

“It is clear that David appreciates the phenomenal efforts of community pharmacy teams throughout the pandemic and the value of community pharmacy to the health of the nation. PSNC looks forward to working with David on shared ambitions in the months and years to come to ensure that our shared vision for the industry becomes a reality.

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