Gretna Community Pharmacy plays a major role in the fight against COVID-19

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A local business will play a major role in the fight to stop the virus.

It is one of nine pharmacies in the country that is about to start dispensing vaccines.

“It is the greatest thing that has happened in our lifetime. We continually say that this will be the greatest contribution that many of us healthcare providers will make to our industry in our entire careers,” says Kyle Janssen, owner of a community pharmacy.

By Dec. 28, Community Pharmacy plans to begin the vaccination process…focusing on people who live and work in long-term care facilities in Nebraska and Iowa.

“We are ready and our goal is that once we get the vaccine, we will vaccinate everyone we can within 48 hours,” says Kyle Janssen, owner of the community pharmacy.

Community pharmacy owner Kyle Janssen doesn’t know how many doses they’ll get to start with.

But – its employees are expected to vaccinate 15,000 residents and staff in a month and a half.

It’s fast, but Janssen says they’re ready.

“We have been manufacturing flu vaccines for over ten years in long-term care facilities, so we have a history and know-how to vaccinate in a short time. We can draw on some of our historical knowledge and operations to apply them,” says Janssen.

However, the timeline will move much faster than a flu shot.

There will be three clinics in each long-term care facility over a 42-day period.

It’s to cover the second dose of vaccine that’s needed… and make sure no new residents are missed.

“We feel it is our duty to do this as quickly as possible,” says Janssen.

And to help with that, nearly three-quarters of community pharmacy staff have already volunteered to be part of the process.

Pharmacy students from Drake University and UNMC will also help.

And once December 28 arrives, these volunteers will go to each assisted living facility to administer the vaccine.

“As we receive the vaccine, we will also receive all the supplies to administer the vaccine. So everything will be in place within 24 hours,” says Janssen.

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