Hospital pharmacy, how to make the task easier

Dear manager,

I would like to ask a question to the competent people.

Now the premise.

Currently, if a GP prescribes a medicine provided by the hospital pharmacy, one has to go to the doctor’s office to get the paper prescription and go to the hospital to get the medicine from the pharmacy staff where the plan of corresponding treatment has been filed beforehand.

The latter is also carried by hand by the patient from the various hospital departments. It is clear that this involves an investment of time which can be very important for the patient: making an appointment with the doctor’s secretary, finding parking, etc. etc Unfortunately, in covid times, the loss of time is greater, and above all the risks are greater.

Now the question. With the technology that exists today, is it possible that it is not possible to ensure that there is a direct sending, via the Internet, of the prescription from the doctor’s office and even before that of the treatment plan of the hospital service ?

We are talking about drugs linked to a therapeutic project which do not result from the doctor’s professional visit to the patient, therefore drugs that can be prescribed after a telephone call to the doctor’s secretary. The transition from the polyclinic to the hospital pharmacy should not be done by scanning the prescriptions but automatically immediately after the prescription. There would also be significant paper savings.

Enzo Iannaccone

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