Industrial pharmacy student rewarded for potentially vital research

February 28, 2020

The doctoral student of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (CPHS) Pavan Nukala obtained the International Council for Pharmaceutical Excipients of the Americas Foundation Prize at American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists conference in November.

“. research work, ”said Ketan D. Patel, Ph.D., assistant professor, CPHS. “It is a great success for a graduate student to be recognized at the national level. “

The $ 1,500 scholarship focuses on significant recent contributions to formulation science and technology through innovative research with excipients. The foundation sponsors up to five scholarships each year to recognize excellence in graduate research.

Pavan’s research, published in the International Pharmaceutical Journal, focuses on developing a technology that can deter the life-threatening multidose abuse of loperamide, an over-the-counter anti-diarrheal drug that is often used as an inexpensive alternative to methadone.

According to Dr Patel, Pavan also received a New Jersey Pharmaceutical Association for Science and Technology graduate scholarship for this work.

“Pavan is a very hardworking and determined student,” he added. “Since the start of his doctorate. efforts, he has shown great interest in contributing to research on the prevention of opioid drug abuse.

The native of Wanaparthy, India, successfully defended his doctoral thesis in December and will earn his doctorate. in May.

He explained that recent advances in formulation development and growing healthcare needs have heightened his interest in the field of pharmaceutical research. His future interests are in the development of new abuse deterrent technologies for highly abused stimulants, opioids and over-the-counter drugs.

“I want to express my deep gratitude to my mentor, Dr Patel,” he said. “Her constant guidance, support and encouragement has enabled me to successfully complete my research. He is the best mentor I have ever had.

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