New encyclopedia focuses on pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy

A MAJOR new reference work designed and edited by Professor Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar of the University of Huddersfield will have a global readership and breaks new ground with its analysis of the latest developments in the pharmacy profession.

The 2,358-page Encyclopedia of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy, due to launch June 25, has 180 chapters and some 400 contributors. Zaheer Babar – who is a professor of medicine and health care at the University – is the editor and also wrote 15 of the chapters and co-edited all of the book’s subsections.

The encyclopedia covers multiple aspects of clinical pharmacy, but also focuses on the practice of pharmacy, covering topics such as social and administrative pharmacy, public health pharmacy, drug safety and the future of the pharmacy profession.

There are books on clinical pharmacy, but for the practice of pharmacy there is nothing available on this scale. So there was definitely a void to fill.”

Professor Babar

The broad readership of the new encyclopedia will include students and researchers, clinical pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, physicians, clinical trial specialists, health policy makers, hospital administrators and the pharmaceutical industry.

According to Professor Babar, there has been a global shift in the way pharmacists contribute to healthcare.

“These are people with excellent clinical skills, but they are not being used appropriately and consistently around the world, both in developing countries and elsewhere. The new encyclopedia paints a picture of a useful trend for stakeholders such as the UN, World Health Organization and organizations at the national level,” he says.

The book’s 180 chapters cover an exceptionally wide range of topics, from education and training of pharmacists to professional standards and the practice of pharmacy in countries and continents around the world, including the UK , EU, USA, Gulf States, Australia, South Africa and China.

There are reviews of national pharmaceutical policies and their impact on pharmaceutical practice, as well as pharmaceutical pricing policies. The chapters deal with pharmaceuticals in end-of-life palliative care and the management of a wide range of diseases and disorders.

The new encyclopedia is aimed at anyone working with drugs and pharmaceuticals and its socio-administrative pharmacy section is ideal for health policy researchers, Prof Babar said. The book will also be an ideal resource for students and it will be launched at a symposium taking place at the University of Huddersfield on June 25.


University of Huddersfield

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