New Monmouth Senedd Member Visits Revolutionary Abergavenny Community Pharmacy

Peter Fox MS visited the Shackleton Community Pharmacy on Friday to see a busy Covid vaccine clinic and to learn more about the range of services offered by a flagship company in Abergavenny.

Commenting on the visit, Peter Fox MS said: ‘I was absolutely delighted to see with my own eyes how a community pharmacy in my constituency became one of the first in Wales to offer a Covid vaccination service. -19.

” Staff are qualified, willing and ready to support the roll-out of the immunization program in an accessible location at a convenient time.

“ I was impressed with what I saw and will call on the Welsh Labor government to ensure that as many community pharmacies as possible are involved in any Covid booster vaccination program.

“Shackletons is everything a community-driven family business should be: personal, local and rooted in the communities where it operates.

“The brothers’ passion was very clear, as was their desire to develop new services to make healthcare accessible to the public. “

Geoff Shackleton said: “On behalf of the Community Pharmacy Network and Community Pharmacy Wales, Shackletons was absolutely delighted to welcome Peter Fox to visit our flagship store so quickly in his tenure.

He showed a real interest and appreciation for the range of services offered.

“The past year has been difficult for community pharmacists as we have kept our doors fully open while facing not only unprecedented levels of demand, but also the change in the range of services that the public now wants. .

“We have started offering PCR tests in collaboration with a local laboratory, as well as the Covid vaccine service. “

Ian Shackleton said: “Accessible main street health care is a key part of what we do as community pharmacists.

Peter Fox saw first-hand how adaptable a community pharmacy can be by experiencing first-hand a Covid vaccination clinic.

“ By offering a Covid vaccine service in such an accessible location, we have given the opportunity to many people in Prestatyn to get their Covid vaccines in the easiest way possible and we hope that the community pharmacy network will be a key part of the role on Covid booster vaccines too. “

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