New Partnership Between Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy and Organic Conceptions Bridges the Gap Between the Physical and Emotional Aspects of Fertility Treatments

SOMERSET, NJ/ACCESSWIRE/October 12, 2022 / There is nothing simple about undergoing fertility treatment. From juggling appointments to managing medications and finances, the process impacts the physical and mental health of the patient. A new partnership between Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy and Organic Conceptions provides a comprehensive resource to ease the burden of every aspect of the fertility journey.

Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy works exclusively with infertile patients providing manufactured and compounded medications to patients and treatment centers across the United States. The pharmacy doesn’t just provide medication – it helps patients manage the complex medication needs of fertility treatments. By having medications, logistical support and patient education all in one place, the company strives to make the medication side of fertility care as easy as possible for patients.

Now, through a new partnership with Organic Conceptions, patients at the pharmacy will also be able to access mental health and emotional well-being resources. Mandell patients can now claim discounted lifetime access to the Organic Conceptions platform.

Organic Conceptions offers a full range of on-demand emotional health courses, a 9-step research-based mindset course, 1:1 support, free group coaching, private community and more .

“This program provides the emotional support patients need to understand their feelings, even when it’s hard to stay positive,” said Terry Malanda, Rph, Founder and CEO of Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy. “He teaches patients how to deal emotionally with success and failure and navigate through what it means to them. It will save patients a lot of heartache and pain that they won’t have to go through.”

Terry and her husband Eddie Malanda know how difficult the fertility treatment process can be because they have been through it themselves. The couple struggled with infertility for five years. During this time, they underwent a long series of IUI and a failed IVF cycle before successfully conceiving their son via frozen embryo transfer in 1996. They were able to start the family they always dreamed of, including conceiving their daughter naturally just 20 months later. But the process, said Terry, was anything but easy.

“Going through these treatments was nothing short of grueling,” says Terry. “It’s hard to imagine how physically and emotionally taxing this process is unless you’ve been through it. Organic Conceptions fills a huge void in the field of fertility by taking mental health care seriously.”

Like Terry and Eddie, Organic Conceptions co-founders Marc and Erin Sherman also struggled with primary and secondary infertility for nearly a decade.

“Infertility is an all-consuming thing,” says Marc Sherman. “There was so much emphasis on the physical side – we knew every stat, every lab. But just as people prepare their bodies to get pregnant, we have to take that same preparation with our minds.”

Emotional support shouldn’t be an afterthought, he says, but a proactive and positive part of the preconception journey. So, they’ve created the first online platform and support community that harnesses the latest mind-boosting techniques based on neuroscience research to help people reduce stress and regain sanity. joy on their journey to parenthood.

“Infertility has a huge impact on a person’s mental health, and there isn’t enough support in the industry to help patients deal with the emotional side of these treatments,” says Brian Smith, vice -President of Sales and Business Development at Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy. “The more we work closely with our patients and the more they share their journey, the more we recognize the need for this support.”

“It’s the kind of emotional support I wish I had during my fertility journey, and we’re proud to be able to be there for our patients at one of the most important and vulnerable times in their lives,” says Terry Malanda.

About Organic designs

Organic Conceptions was founded by Marc and Erin Sherman after struggling with infertility for nearly a decade. As a result of the experience, they created a comprehensive emotional health experience that consists of classes, masterclasses, assessments, live support calls, a private community and more.

The platform uses the latest advances in cognitive behavioral therapy and neuroscience to help people reduce stress and regain joy by addressing the source of negative thoughts, self-destructive behaviors and unproductive emotions. that erode a person’s quality of life.

In addition to their patient experience, Organic Conceptions has created an education and training platform for fertility health professionals. Self-guided, live online trainings help providers better understand the psychological and emotional needs of their patients while learning strategies to avoid compassion fatigue and even burnout.

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About mandels Clinical pharmacy

Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy is an independent specialty pharmacy that provides manufactured and compounded medications to infertility patients and treatment centers across the United States. Their highly trained pharmacists and staff are available for private consultations to ensure that all of their customer’s questions are answered and all needs are met.

Owners Terry and Eddie Malanda are former IVF patients who understand their clients’ journeys. This influences the pharmacy’s ability to understand, from personal experience, the emotional, physical and financial challenges faced by its customers.

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