Patient robbed West Cumberland Hospital pharmacy refrigerator and injected stolen drugs

Carlisle Crown Court

A patient who robbed a hospital pharmacy refrigerator and injected himself with a drug he took received a suspended prison sentence.

James Leslie Foxcroft, 32, visited West Cumberland Hospital around 3 a.m. on July 29 of last year.

He first left a cabin he had been told to stay in, prompting a concerned doctor and nurses to search them.

When Foxcroft returned he was seen scratching his forearm with blood on his shirt and fingers.

Staff then discovered that the door to a refrigerated pharmacy was open.

An alarm had been set off, a lock had been damaged and one type of medicine, lorazepam, was missing.

CCTV showed Foxcroft entering a restricted area containing the refrigerator before going into the toilet where two broken vials and blood were found.

Carlisle Crown Court learned he had injected the drugs. “When asked why he did it, he just said ‘to get high’,” said prosecutor Brendan Burke.

Foxcroft, of Birks Road, Cleator Moor, admitted a burglary with intent to steal and had previously been fined for fleeing a taxi that took him out of the hospital.

Judith McCullough, defending, said: “To be fair to him he is offering no apologies and would like to express remorse to the NHS for his behavior that night.”

After hearing background information and claiming that punishment in the community would benefit both Foxcroft and members of society in general, recorder Philip Grundy concluded he could suspend a 30-week jail sentence for 18 months.

The judge also imposed a long rehabilitation requirement.

“Sitting in your cabin, you walked around and spotted the resuscitation room which is equipped and laid out to deal with the most life-threatening illnesses or injuries,” Recorder Grundy said.

“The guilt on your part was high because you deliberately targeted the refrigerator containing the medicine. “

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