PQA and CPF Announce 2020 Community Pharmacy Innovation in Quality Award Winners

The awards recognize an individual and community pharmacy for its innovative and pioneering practices.

the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) and the Community Pharmacy Foundation (CPF) today announced the winners of the 2020 Community Pharmacy Innovation in Quality (CPIQ) Awards. The awards recognize an individual and community pharmacy, whose innovative practices have improved quality of care, medication optimization and outcomes. for patients.

The 2020 CPIQ award winner in the individual category is Vikram Sundararaman, PharmD, MBA, Clinical Pharmacy Site Manager for Genoa Healthcare. Working in a pharmacy that is physically integrated into the clinic, Sundararaman has been an innovative leader in developing strategies to build personal relationships with doctors, nurses and patients, while ensuring access to the right pharmaceutical services. at the right time. Through face-to-face consultations, action plans, and pharmacist-led care, performance-based quality measures for medication adherence, hospital admissions, and hospital readmission rates hospital continued to exceed benchmarks and improve in its pharmacy. Always patient-focused, Sundararaman earned a Net Promoter Score of 95, reflecting his patient satisfaction and willingness to recommend him.

The 2020 CPIQ award recipient in the community pharmacy category is The Kroger Company. Kroger has made innovation central to its work to improve the health of its employees and customers. For more than a decade, Kroger has implemented innovative programs for medication adherence, medication therapy management, health coaching, care transitions, and nutrition. Kroger’s community partnerships focused on interdisciplinary diabetes care and coaching have had a positive impact on patients’ average blood sugar levels and other biomarkers critical to good health. To expand and scale successful programs, in 2018 Kroger launched a new training program for its pharmacists and technicians to deliver consistent, high-quality care.

“Congratulations to Dr. Sundararaman and Kroger for their innovative work using pharmacy services to improve healthcare delivery and improve patient lives,” said Laura Cranston, CEO of PQA. “Dr. Sundararaman’s approach to relationship building is a model for everyone in healthcare. Kroger has made its frontline pharmacy staff a focal point for innovative programs that meet the needs of the community.Both are important examples of the future of pharmacy.

Award nominations and their contributions to community pharmacy were evaluated for innovation, measurable impact, replicability, scalability, and reach. Priority areas of focus were practices or programs that addressed vulnerable populations, gaps in quality or patient care, and the quadruple goal of health care: patient experience, population health , cost reduction and the well-being of the care team.

“These awards celebrate innovation and progressive practice in community pharmacy,” said Brian Jensen, CPF Board Member and former PQA Board Member. “Kroger and Dr. Sundararaman have developed, implemented and sustained patient-centric approaches to pharmacy services that we hope will permeate our healthcare system and value-based models that reward innovations that work.


Pharmacy Quality Alliance: PQAalliance.org

Community Pharmacy Foundation: communitypharmacyfoundation.org

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