RUHS Clinical Pharmacy Residency Program Gets Accreditation

From Riverside University Health System: An RUHS residency program that trains graduate pharmacists to work directly with physicians and patients in complex healthcare environments has earned its six-year accreditation from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, the researchers announced this week. hospital officials.

RUHS Medical Center, the oldest and largest teaching hospital in the county, launched its clinical pharmacy residency in 2016. The program will support six full-time residents over the next two to three years. Additionally, the Pharmacy Department‘s academic program provides training to dozens of pharmacy students each year.

Davalyn Tidwell, deputy director of pharmacy at RUHS Medical Center, said clinical pharmacists don’t stay behind counters to fill prescriptions like their traditional counterparts. Instead, she said clinical pharmacists act as auxiliary physicians actively engaged in the treatment of stroke, reducing deaths from sepsis, improving diabetes management, reducing hospital-acquired infections and helping coordinate care. to patients.

Clinical pharmacists at the medical center are integrated into hospital departments and work closely with hepatitis C patients to deliver powerful drugs that can cure a debilitating and potentially fatal disease, Tidwell said.

Christina Qi, clinical pharmacist in the emergency department at RUHS Medical Center and director of the residency program, said the opportunities were expanding for both extension physicians and clinical pharmacists, who find satisfaction in working as part of a team. integrated health care.

“We are part of a very progressive organization that serves a very diverse patient population,” Qi said. “We provide training in a collegial and collaborative environment while improving patient safety by ensuring that prescribed medications contribute to the best possible outcomes.

“The demand and need for qualified clinical pharmacists will only increase,” Qi said.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, an accreditation body, represents more than 44,000 pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians who practice in hospitals, health maintenance organizations, long-term care facilities duration, home care and other areas of health.

ABOUT Riverside University Health System:

RUHS is one of Riverside County’s largest employers with more than 6,000 health and behavioral health professionals, and a direct annual economic impact of $ 1.6 billion. RUHS is the foundation of medical education in Riverside County, training more than 800 resident physicians and medical students, clinical pharmacists, physician assistants and more than 1,000 nursing students annually.

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