The AAHP names BRMC’s clinical pharmacy director “Manager of the year”

Melissa Rohr, a pharmacist who worked for Baxter Regional Medical Center for 18 years, was named Director of the Year by the Arkansas Association of Health-System Pharmacists (AAHP).

“I was very surprised,” she said of the award. She didn’t even know that an application had been submitted.

The 44-year-old said it was recognition to work to the best of your ability. Rohr is the Director of Clinical Pharmacy at BRMC, a position she has held for the past five years, according to the nomination form. Recently, a member of the AAHP board of directors came to the hospital to present the award.

Raised in the Twin Lakes region, Rohr enjoys rivers and lakes, her reasons for working at BRMC for several years.

“BRMC is a good place to work,” she said. “They treat their employees well. “

The form also stated that Rohr “assists with operational issues, as our department does not have an operations manager or deputy manager. She brings an amazing ability to assimilate the facts in a situation and move quickly to the best course of action, always with the best interests of the patients as a goal.

Before being hired at BRMC, she worked in a retail pharmacy for two years.

The daughter of a high school teacher – teaching business courses such as accounting – and an auto mechanic, her parents instilled the value of having an education.

Part of that was seeing her mom working for a college degree while growing up. There was a one-income household for a while until her mother completed her post-secondary education.

Rohr’s parents guided her in making sure she was in school and doing her job.

A graduate of the University of Arkansas in medical sciences, Rohr was passionate about subjects like math and science. Her first year at university, she made the choice to become a pharmacist.

Her favorite part of her job is making sure the medications provided to patients are effective for nurses, so they can safely care for patients.

A daily job of a pharmacist includes reviewing medication orders, setting up the dosing schedule, and checking the medications that pharmacy technicians have collected.

Pharmacists are faced with daily tasks that must be taken seriously, with zero margin for error. Rohr said they can’t be distracted – and need to stay focused.

One of the challenges of being a pharmacist is multitasking. There are constant drug shortages nationwide, and it’s affecting BRMC, Rohr said. But his team is able to cope with it by placing orders weeks in advance.

Tobias Pugsley, Marketing Director for BRMC, said the hospital is “extremely proud” to have named the AAHP Manager Rohr of the Year. The award shows the work Rohr and his team have invested in BRMC, he added.

BRMC wants to be on the cutting edge of technology, Pugsley said, because when you look at other regional hospitals or rural health facilities, they don’t have the same luxuries that the hospital offers.

For example, BRMC was the first hospital to have a mobile mammography unit, allowing it to travel to rural areas for breast cancer screenings.

Rohr said she had grown as a pharmacist over the years. As an experienced pharmacist, she may view a situation differently than she would in the past.

“I appreciate the environment here, where different members of the healthcare team work together across different disciplines,” Rohr said.

BRMC staff – pharmacists, nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists – communicate with each other, she said.

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