University offers new master’s program in industrial pharmacy

UM graduate pharmacy students Tabish Mehraj (left) and Corinne Sweeney work with equipment that will be an integral part of the new Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences with a focus on the industrial pharmacy curriculum. UM photo by Sydney Slotkin DuPriest

OXFORD, Miss. – The Department of Pharmacy and Drug Administration At the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy this fall is offering a new non-thesis master’s program that will focus on preparing students with a background in science or engineering for work in the pharmaceutical industry.

The two-year program is designed for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, biology, and chemistry who wish to enter the pharmaceutical industry directly. By focusing primarily on the knowledge and applied skills needed to enter the workforce, graduates will be better prepared to have an immediate impact on employment.

“This creates a trail for people with or without a pharmacy background who can either take basic pharmacy training and find employment in the industry or pursue a doctorate, if they wish,” said Soumyajit Majumdar, associate dean of research. and graduate programs in the School of Pharmacy.

This program will increase the number and quality of students graduating from the school, as well as the university’s retention rate by providing an alternative route for science graduates, Majumdar said.

Walt Chambliss, the university’s acting deputy vice-chancellor for research and sponsored programs, and Eman Ashour, assistant research professor in pharmacy and drug administration, developed the program in response to decades of declining numbers of pharmacy graduates pursuing master’s or doctoral studies in pharmacy.

Rather, many choose to practice pharmacy in a community or university setting upon obtaining their doctorate in pharmacy.

“With this focused program, we prepare students to enter the industry and be successful immediately,” said Chambliss.

UM pharmacy graduate students Adwait Pradhan (left) and Jiaxiang Zhang conduct research in a laboratory at the School of Pharmacy, using equipment that will be an integral part of the new Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences with a focus on the industrial pharmacy program. UM photo by Sydney Slotkin DuPriest

Students in the program will be able to specialize in regulatory affairs, product development, or manufacturing. The courses will be similar to the school’s existing Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences stream, but will revolve around condensed and project-based practical elements.

The university is already well known in the pharmaceutical industry for producing high quality doctorates. graduates in pharmaceutical sciences, said Ashour. Program coordinators build on this relationship by soliciting curriculum advice from industry professionals.

“We have sought the advice of the pharmaceutical industry to align the new program with the objectives of the School of Pharmacy and the mission of the university,” said Michel Repka, Chairman of the Department of Pharmacy and Administration of medications. “Most importantly, we have designed this program to position our students at the forefront of the best career opportunities, which is a primary goal for graduate studies at Ole Miss.”

David D. Allen, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, presented this concept at a meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, where he outlined the needs of the school and the industry for such a program. .

“This professional degree program will lay the foundation for a highly skilled and industry-oriented workforce with the pharmaceutical knowledge and patient awareness needed to be successful in the pharmaceutical industry,” he said. he declares.

This innovative graduate program and the school’s postgraduate training courses, such as the Tablet Technology Hands-on Course and the Natural Products Training Lab, will continue to support the university’s efforts to develop the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in Mississippi.

For more information on the program, visit The deadline for applications is April 1.

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