Vaccination sites run by community pharmacies to begin administering COVID-19 vaccines from January 11, 2021



Boots vaccination sites will be opened in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and Gloucester

COVID-19 vaccination sites run by community pharmacies will begin administering vaccines to patients in England from the week of January 11, 2021, NHS England said.

The announcement comes as several street boots have said Pharmaceutical journal that it will open three COVID-19 vaccination sites in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and Gloucester from “early January”.

In a letter sent to vaccination sites run by designated community pharmacies on December 28, 2020, NHS England said contractors must sign the COVID-19 Vaccination Enhanced Local Service (LES) agreement that will allow them to operate before 11:59 p.m. on January 4, 2021 “for entry into service scheduled from the week starting January 11, 2021”.

The LES, which “details how NHS England and NHS Improvement will order a COVID-19 vaccination service directly from the community pharmacy,” was published on December 28, 2020.

Pharmacy contractors have been urged to apply for designated vaccination site status by December 6, 2020, with NHS England returning its decision to contractors by December 18, 2020.

The letter from NHS England said: ‘Following conversations with your region, we are writing to confirm that your Local Vaccination Service (LVS) designated site should be up and running within the week starting January 4, 2021 in order to be ready to administer the vaccines after a vaccine delivery from January 11, 2021.

He added that sites will undergo a readiness assessment, with NHS England sending final confirmation of sites ready by January 7, 2021. Sites that are not ready will be contacted with their next steps.

A spokesperson for Boots said it will “initially open three COVID-19 vaccination sites, based in Halifax, Huddersfield and Gloucester.”

“They will begin vaccinating patients in early January,” they said, adding that the multiple has “developed a COVID-19 vaccination model that is aligned with our exceptional safety, clinical and operational standards.”

“We are ready to do much more and our national network of pharmacy expertise is ready to help the NHS and the government to accelerate the deployment of the vaccine. “

Janice Perkins, Superintendent of Pharmacy at Well Pharmacy, said the Multiple “is currently working with the NHS on how we can support the University of Oxford / AztraZeneca vaccine rollout to help protect local communities that we serve”.

According to the letter from NHS England, community pharmacy contractors will receive £ 8million “to cover reasonable additional costs (beyond usual pricing structures) associated with the COVID-19 vaccination program”.

Costs will cover the rental of rooms’ where it is not possible to use pharmacy premises or vacant NHS space ‘, increased electricity bill costs and’ specific security charges and reasonable advised by the local police ”.

Funding will not cover additional staff costs, personal protective equipment or allowances.

The letter adds that “the COVID-19 vaccination activity undertaken in the community pharmacy in accordance with the LES agreement will be covered by the state guarantee”.

Pharmaceutical journal has contacted NHS England for details on the number of sites run by community pharmacies that have been designated to administer COVID-19 vaccines.


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