Vaccine news: community pharmacy, Vax Force, upcoming clinics, etc.


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Immunization news is reaching us faster than we can get it out, so we’ll try to collect it here in a big roundup.

Here’s what we know about where you might get a photo this week.

Springdale Community Pharmacy has appointments available

Fayetteville Public Health Officer Marti Sharkey sent us a tip to let us know the Springdale Community Pharmacy has appointments available for the COVID-19 vaccination open Thursday and Friday this week.

The pharmacy is located at 400 W. Emma Ave. in Springdale.

According to their website, doses of the Moderna vaccine are available, with appointments open on Thursday afternoons and Friday.

For more information, including links to register, visit this website.

Vax Force Facebook group tracks vaccines available in the NWA

A new Facebook group created by local food delivery hero Chris Selby and administered by local resident Della Levan is helping keep track of immunization clinics and other COVID-19 related information in the NWA.

The group, called Vax Force Northwest Arkansas, etc. allows members to share information about where and how to get vaccinated in the region, ask questions about the process and share information about their experiences with the process.

The group was just created last week and already has over 400 members this morning.

The rules, as described by Selby, are pretty straightforward.

“No politics. No shame on those who get vaccinated. We’re in this shit together and we’re going to help each other out, ”he said.

You can see it here.

Northwest Arkansas Council creates vaccine schedule

The Northwest Arkansas Council has created a useful tool to help keep track of all one-time and recurring vaccination events that occur in the area.

The calendar includes links, dates and information on drive-thru clinics and other opportunities to get the jab in various Northwest Arkansas communities.

This week, for example, there are details of a veterans vaccination clinic at the veteran health care system at the Ozarks Clinic in Fayetteville on the schedule today through Friday, and a vaccination clinic in Rogers. Thursday.

Check the schedule here for more information.

Ozarks Clinic Veterans Health Care System

As we mentioned above, the Ozarks Veterans Health Care System is hosting a vaccination clinic in Fayetteville this week.

The clinic will take place from Wednesday March 10 to Friday March 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily in the primary care entrance area.

Veterans must bring a VA ID card for verification.

The clinic will immunize according to current state eligibility criteria, as well as any veteran aged 40 or older, on dialysis, chemotherapy, transplant, homeless or as an essential worker. Proof of being an essential worker is required.

For more information, call 479-443-4301.

Pat Walker Health Center on AU Campus Now Offers Vaccine Appointments

The Pat Walker Health Center on the University of Arkansas campus now accepts COVID-19 vaccination appointments for all U of A employees and other eligible members of the campus community who are included in any group in phase 1-A or phase 1-B of the state immunization plan.

Eligible employees and students can book an appointment online for the COVID-19 vaccine through the Pat Walker Health Center patient web portal:

If you are unable to access the Patient Web Portal, please call 479-575-4451, option 1.
If you have ever had side effects after a vaccination, call to make an appointment.

Only a limited number of appointment slots are available; however, additional appointments will open as vaccine doses are delivered. If no appointment is available, continue to check later.

Vaccines are only available by appointment.

For a little more information, visit

New website informs members of remaining vaccine options

By now we’ve all heard stories of someone who got lucky in a COVID-19 vaccine by just being in the right place at the right time towards the end of the day when a clinic has vaccines left over.

A new website is trying to streamline this process of using leftover photos to ensure none are wasted.

The site, called Dr. B, allows users to sign up for a waiting list for remaining vaccines if any become available in their area.

The site prioritizes individuals based on their age and pre-existing conditions, so some of this information is collected when you sign up. It also allows clinics to sign up for the service to notify priority people in their area when the vaccine may have been thawed and is about to expire.

According to the site, more than a million people have signed up for the service. For more information, you can check the website here.

More Walmart branches receiving vaccine

We noticed that more Walmart stores in the area started receiving the vaccine this week.

Meetings were available earlier this week at locations on Joyce Boulevard in Fayetteville and Farmington for the first time, as well as a handful of other locations around the state. Many new sites were distributing the Janssen / Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which does not require an ultra-cold freezer for storage. is always a great place to find appointments at Walmart branches around the state, and while there still isn’t a ton of uptime at NWA, if you’re ready to hit Fort. Smith, for example, you could get a shot today.

Washington Regional Offers Vaccine Appointments on New Website

As we mentioned earlier this week, the Washington Regional Hospital has a new website for automatic immunization appointments.

A quick tour of the site this morning lists the appointments available tomorrow, with many availabilities registered for the coming weekend.

For more information or to make an appointment, visit

Availability out of state

We recently heard from several NWA residents who travel to Oklahoma and Missouri to get vaccinated and who are successful, especially from those with health issues that can put them at risk of serious illness from the virus.

Walmart locations in both states are scheduling out-of-state residents for the vaccine, according to reports from those who have received the vaccine recently and are available now.

Oklahoma and Missouri are currently vaccinating people with pre-existing conditions, which is not yet the case in Arkansas.

Oklahoma is now proceeding with the vaccination in Phase 3 of its plan, which is the last step before opening up to all residents. Their Phase 2 plan included “adults with one or more co-morbidities including, but not limited to, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, chronic lung, liver or kidney disease, cancers, which are at high risk of death and severe morbidity from COVID. infection. ”Here is more information on eligible people in Oklahoma.

Missouri is currently vaccinating in its priority group Phase 1B, Level 2, which includes “adults with cancer, chronic kidney disease, COPD, heart disease, weakened immune system due to an organ transplant, severe obesity (BMI> 40), pregnancy, sickle cell disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus or people with intellectual and / or developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome. Here is more information on who is eligible for the vaccine in Missouri.

Arkansas is one of 13 states that currently does not offer a vaccine to residents with certain health conditions, according to the NY Times.

Eligibility information, community pharmacy waiting lists, and more

The state is currently working to vaccinate priority group 1-B which includes people over 65, food manufacturing workers, and education workers including higher education, kindergarten through kindergarten. Grade 12 and daycare. Governor Asa Hutchinson this week added essential workers in food and agriculture, grocery stores, meal delivery, postal services, public transportation, government officials, places of worship, as well as those with intellectual disability as new groups now eligible for the vaccine.

Immunization clinics are also held in the region, including Washington Regional, Northwest Health, and Mercy in Springdale.

Here are links / info for Washington County pharmacy waiting lists for Group 1-A and Group 1-B:
»Collier Drug Stores – Visit this Website
»Medical Arts Pharmacy – Visit this site
»Community Pharmacy – Visit this website
»Heartland Pharmacy – Visit this website
»Walmart – Visit this website
»Sam’s Club – Visit this site Pharmacy

A list of other pharmacies in the state that currently vaccinate is available here.


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