Wellness Clinical Pharmacy Focuses On Personal Connection In Healthcare

The midst of a global pandemic may not have been the most ideal time to open a drugstore, but the chaos and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19 has had an easy-to-find silver lining for local entrepreneurs: the chance to emphasize the important role a pharmacy plays in your overall health.

Taking a holistic approach to wellness is the driving force behind Wellness Clinical Pharmacy, which recently opened on Yonge Street just north of Aurora Heights Boulevard.

Started by three recent University of Toronto graduates Thomas Huang, Jeffrey Tso and Kai Ye, it was founded on the simple principle of “providing better care” – and by that they mean taking their time with the individual. .

“One of the challenges nowadays in obtaining pharmacy services is more and more that they are becoming a very fast service; you come in, you get your prescriptions and you go out, ”says Tso. “We felt this loss of communication and we wanted to reestablish that personal connection that it’s not just about your medications, it’s all about health. Your pharmacy will become your hub.

COVID-19 threw an operational curve ball at Wellness Clinical Pharmacy, but they were able to easily adapt their services to the new normal. One of the 11 pharmacies that dispense vaccines, they have seen a constant flow of new customers coming not only for their injection, but also to learn what the Wellness Pharmacy is all about.

“We want to make sure everyone in our pharmacy is taken care of, beyond what a normal pharmacy offers, and I think that’s what makes us a little special,” Tso said. “We’re starting small, all of the operators here are pharmacists and owners, and we really take the time, care and attention to each customer. All pharmacies are supposed to provide truly exceptional clinical service, but one of the really different things that we do is that we take the time to provide service to you.

“A lot of times you just take your meds, but you don’t often have the opportunity to have an actual appointment and sit down with your pharmacist. We take the time to watch [the different medications you’re already taking], heart monitoring, diabetes health. Beyond drugs, we look at lifestyle choices because, at the end of the day, drugs are not the end of the story. There is so much more than medicine and this is where “wellness” comes in. We want to be able to provide better care, which sees the patient from a holistic perspective. ”

This holistic approach involves sitting down with a client to ensure they are maximizing their drug coverage and are on the front line with resources related to COVID-19. In addition to offering vaccines, they offer private testing for the virus, including rapid tests, which can provide confirmation of positive or negative within 15 minutes.

This service, Tso says, has given customers invaluable peace of mind knowing that they are not likely to bring the virus home after potential exposure.

Antibody testing is also on the menu of services, as are longer hours to ensure that anyone with an appointment for a vaccine can do so safely and have the necessary time on-site to be sure. ensure that there are no adverse effects from their injection.

“We find the service of providing a comfortable, clean experience where you have time to ask your questions alleviates everyone’s anxiety,” says Tso. “If you know what to expect the next day, you feel much better sleeping at night and hopefully emergency rooms aren’t as crowded with people coming in and out with side effects. [from the vaccine] because they know these are the expected side effects.

“COVID has been a challenge for everyone. We have received calls from Sutton regarding some of our services because unfortunately there are resources, but everything is siled. Even for the healthcare professionals ourselves, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Where can I get help? Who can I get help from? Am I eligible? What happens to our medications if we don’t have a refill? We meet every day to be able to answer more and more of these questions. As a small pharmacy, we help people find those answers. It might not be the pharmacy, but what we can say is “rest assured, we will guide you in the right direction” and then you will have a good point of contact – call us back, check with us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

One year from now, Wellness Clinical Pharmacy hopes to continue to expand its mandate and “push healthcare even further” by adding family physicians and other services to their locations.

The Wellness Clinic Pharmacy is located at 15450 Yonge Street, Unit 2-3.

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