Welsh Conservative Party makes new campaign pledge for community pharmacy contract


The Welsh Conservative Party has pledged to expand the role of community pharmacies in a new contract as part of its campaign manifesto.

The commitment comes as Community Pharmacy Wales (CPW) continues to negotiate a new contractual framework with the Welsh government.

The Conservative Party’s manifesto, which was released ahead of the Senedd election on May 6, 2021, outlines plans to improve patients’ access to healthcare.

He says that, if elected to form a government, the Conservative Party “would expand the role of community pharmacies in delivering health care through a new contract, including prescribing for common illnesses, delivering vaccines and diagnostic tests, and drug reviews ”.

Pharmacists in Wales are currently able to offer over-the-counter treatment for 26 illnesses under the Common Illness Service, which has been operating since 2013.

Meanwhile, community pharmacies at Cwm University Health Boards Taf Morgannwg and Betsi Cadwaladr have been piloting a sore throat testing and treatment service since November 2018.

Representatives of the CPW community pharmacies said in a document of their demands from major political parties ahead of the election that it “is currently working with the Welsh government to agree on a significantly revised NHS contractual framework … with much more emphasis on the clinical role that pharmacies provide “.

“The shared intention is to work to ensure that the full set of changes come into full effect before the end of 2023/24,” the document continued.

“These changes are designed to expand the role of the community pharmacy in the delivery of NHS funded health care beyond the important role of the network in ensuring the delivery of prescription medicines to patients across Wales.”

However, he added that the implementation of the new contract “will require a significant increase in funding for community pharmacies”.

The Conservative Party’s commitment to expanding the role of community pharmacy was echoed in the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto, which said it would pledge to “better support community pharmacies to provide a wider range of services »As part of the improvement of the local healthcare offer.

The manifestos from the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives, as well as the Labor Party, all include plans to roll out e-prescribing.

It comes after the Welsh government bid on a contract worth almost £ 25,000 in July 2020 for an independent review of options for e-prescribing arrangements in Wales.

According to a report by the National Assembly for Wales Public Accounts Committee from March 2018, hospitals are currently using a paper-based prescribing process despite a national plan to implement e-prescribing by 2010.

Labor has said in its manifesto that it will introduce e-prescribing as part of plans to “invest in and deploy new technologies that support prompt and effective counseling and treatment.”

He adds that the Labor Party “will continue to reform primary care, bringing together general medicine services with partners in pharmacy, therapy, housing, social care, mental health, community and the third sector to help them. people to stay healthy “.

Russell Goodway, Managing Director of CPW, said Pharmaceutical journal that CPW is “absolutely delighted that our central calls for a more comprehensive role of community pharmacies – supported by the right information technology infrastructure – have turned into manifestos, so that there is a consensus among the parties on the ever increasing role that community pharmacies can play over the next five years ”.


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