Workforce Group Launches Website to Promote Community Pharmacy Careers

The Community Pharmacy Workforce Development Group (CPWDG) brings together representatives from the Company Chemists’ Association (CCA), the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMp) and the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), with the goal of providing solutions to the community pharmacy workforce issues facing the industry.

The group hopes that the resources it has made available on its website – which she launched yesterday (September 22) – will help raise awareness of the opportunities offered by a career in community pharmacy.

Visitors to the website can hear directly from young professionals working in the industry through video case studies and blogs.

“Passion and Enthusiasm”

CPWDG Chairman and Chief Pharmacist at Boots, Marc Donovan, said, “We are delighted to launch this website to share our passion and enthusiasm for community pharmacy and we look forward to welcoming the next generation of colleagues to the profession.

He added that a “career in community pharmacy is extremely rewarding” because pharmacy teams “make a real difference in the lives of their patients ‘every day’ by offering expert medication advice, providing clinical services or by acting as a friendly and supportive member of the larger healthcare team”.

“Like no other profession”

Also commenting on the website launch, AIMp CEO Leyla Hannbeck told C+D that “community pharmacy is unlike any other profession I know.”

“[Community pharmacy] opens its doors and its heart to everyone, from the healthy to the vulnerable, from the rich to the poor… The community pharmacy is the face of the pharmacy and [this] allows pharmacy teams to become an essential part of the fabric [of] people’s life.

“Continued reforms of our roles will see [the introduction of] more clinical roles and opportunities in the future. In my opinion, this profession can be what you make it. The professionalism and care teams of the pharmacy dedicate [to their jobs] every day is [rewarded with] the loyalty and trust we receive from the public.

In June this year, the CPWDG published a report which showed a full-time equivalent pharmacist vacancy rate of 9% across England based on the results of a survey it carried out in July 2020.

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